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Monday: Education Day

Sponsored by: Genentech, American Red Cross, Teleflex

This is a perfect day for EMS providers to educate the public about the ways they can prevent illness and injury. Education Day seeks to highlight community educational programs, as well as the importance of continuing education for EMS providers.

Tuesday: Safety Day

Sponsored by: Stryker

Safety Day encourages first responders to focus on risk and prevention rather than possible negative outcomes, and aims to promote the advancement of safety measures for both the community and the profession.

Wednesday: EMS for Children Day

Sponsored by: Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC), Health Scholars

EMS for Children Day highlights the distinctive physiological and psychological aspects of caring for children, and raises awareness about improving specialized care for children in pre-hospital and acute care settings.

Thursday: Save-A-Life Day (CPR & Stop the Bleed)

Sponsored by: NREMT

It doesn’t matter how quickly EMS providers get to a scene–bystanders will always be there first. Save-A-Life Day empowers the general public to learn and apply steps that can be taken to help save a life. Two great examples are community CPR and Stop the Bleed training courses. Check for more information under the CPR Challenge tab on the EMS Week page at https://www.acep.org/emsweek

Friday: EMS Recognition Day

Sponsored by: DrFirst, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)/Office of EMS

On EMS Recognition Day, honor local EMS heroes who regularly go above and beyond what is expected. Give gratitude to first responders for their unwavering commitment to serve their communities.