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How 53,000 people were trained during EMS Week

IMAGINE A LOCAL PARK on a beautiful 70-degree day in May. Joggers make their way along running trails and families spread picnic blankets beneath the kite-dotted sky. Someone strums a guitar.

This peaceful scene is interrupted by the sound of sirens. Several emergency vehicles enter the parking lot -fire engines, ambulances and unit chiefs. But this is no ordinary response: As the first responders step out of their vehicles, a disco beat emanates from a boom box, and the bystanders quickly recognize the tune: “Stayin’ Alive.” Before the Bee Gees get to the part about the New York Times’ effect on man, paramedics have set up a manikin on the grass and begun doing CPR. More manikins are deployed as the crowd grows, and the responders invite onlookers to take a turn doing chest compressions.

What’s going on here? It’s part of CPR World­wide Challenge Day. Sponsored by American Medical Response, this year’s event will take place May 28 across the United States and over­seas, in locations ranging from public parks to schools, beaches, shopping malls and more. Last year, more than 53,000 people were trained in compressions-only CPR; this year’s goal is to set a world record and break the 1 00,000 mark, and to reach millions more by working with the local media.

Want to join the challenge? You’re invited! To locate events near you, visit­World-C PR-Challenge/States.aspx .